Organ Donation

Topics: Organ transplant, Organ donation, Organ Pages: 3 (862 words) Published: April 17, 2013
Refutation Outline

Topic: Organ donation

General Purpose: To Persuade

Specific Purpose: To persuade my audience to consider becoming organ donors after death

Central Idea: Becoming an organ donor after death is not only an important decision for yourself, but it is also an important decision for the life that you may have the power to save.

Organizational Pattern: Refutation (chapter 17, pp. 387-388).

Delivery Outline: Keywords

Introduction: Without being a doctor, police men, firefighter etc. the chances of saving someone’s life are slim to none. But by becoming an organ donor, you can be able to say “I will save a life.” Organ donation is a selfless way to give back to others, and to be able to make a huge difference by giving another person a second chance at life. Unfortunately, the number of patients waiting for organs far exceeds the number of people who have registered to become organ donors. Patients are forced to wait months, even years for a match, and far too many die before they are provided with a suitable organ. There are many myths related to organ donation, but most of them are relatively false, and in order to be well informed, you must know what organ donation is, how it works as well as how you can become an organ donor and what organs you can donate.

1. Organ donation takes healthy organs and tissues from one person for transplantation into another. Organs you can donate include: kidneys, heart, liver, pancreas, intestines, lungs, skin, bone, bone marrow, and cornea 2.Organ donations usually occur for patients with kidney failure, heart disease, lung disease, and cirrhosis of the liver. For patients who need a kidney or a liver, a living donor’s organs can be utilized, since we are already born with an extra kidney and the liver is regenerative. However, if the patient needs a heart, lung, pancreas or cornea, the organ needs to come from a deceased donor. 3.A...
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