Organ Donation

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Why should we become an organ donor?
I. Attention Getter
Organ is an essential part in the body to every person in the world. It can save other people when there is existing of patient’s condition is serious until organ transplant is the last resort of medicine. There is 2.3 million of population in Malaysia, and 15,000 of Malaysian are waiting for organ donation. However, how many people will volunteer themselves to become an organ donor?

II. Reveal Topic
Today, I would like to talk about the benefits of an organ donor and why we should become an organ donor.

III. Relevance Statement
According to Health Minister Statistics, there is more than 15,000 Malaysian are waiting for organ transplant. The largest age group is between 18-49 years of age. I believed most of the people in this classroom are not yet become an organ donor. For your information, organ and tissues from a single non-living donor can save more than 50 person, and organ and tissues which can transplant is include lungs, heart, liver, pancreas, intestine and even skin. Now, I would like to share with you the benefits to become an organ donor.

IV. Preview of Main Points
Some of the benefits of become an organ donor are:
a) It has the power to save life,
b) It can improve quality of life and comfort grieving family, c) It provides positive moral value to others.
[Let me start with the first benefit of organ transplantation.]

1. As an organ donor, it has the power to save life.
A. Organ transplantation can make the patient’s life last longer. i. Organ transplantation is a charity act that cost nothing to the person. ii. It can save up to eight lives through organ donation and even save or improve to more than 50 lives through tissue or eye donation. iii. Besides, as an organ donor can become a role model and to encourage others people to do the same. [Not only does organ transplantation have the power to save...
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