Organ Cloning

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Perfect match on DNA level
Finding a perfect match on a DNA level in another person is virtually impossible but what if a patient could be his/her own donator. This would be possible with the available of Human organ cloning to the patient. Therefore, reducing the risk factors that are normally associated with Human Organ transplant for the patient. For example, they are no guarantee that an organ remove from an identical twins would definitely work without the receiver body not reject the new organ. In many case a patient will sit on a waitlist for a long period of time before a particular organ becomes available to unfortunate side of this is that; that patient may die waiting for that particular organ. Base on today’s society model of Human Organ transplant is that someone must perish in order for another to live. In contrast, Human organ cloning would be that best option with further research and development to assist that patient. By using his/her DNA to re-generate or re-create a replacement organ with little possibility of rejection. Hence making the patient needing the organ would be his/her own donator. This will redefine organ replacement and limited waiting list to improve lives.

Reduced wait times/ saving lives
Based on the United Network for Organ sharing ( the waitlist is currently at 108,626 as of September 9, 2010. Base on the number of Human Organs needed, this should be more reason to move forward using the Human Organ Cloning to help the living. Therefore reducing the waitlist and the number of patients needing organs which would be immediately. As a result, of the Human organ cloning the odds to finding a DNA match is more possible since the patient is he/she own donator. Therefore limiting the amount of patient’s dying waiting on the perfect DNA match organ. The notion that someone has to die for someone to live is inhumane on many levels but happens daily. Not only would Human organ cloning will save lives...
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