Orensic Anthropology Field School

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ANT 306 Forensic Anthropology Field School
Aug – Nov 2012

Lectures and Labs:
Wed 10-12 Davis Building 2045

Instructors:Dr. Tracy Rogers
400 Terrence Donnelly Health Science Complex
905 828-5449
Office hours by appointment

Teaching Assistants (TAs):
Joel Cahn, Emily Holland, Hannah Pryce

Course Description:
Forensic anthropology involves locating, documenting, excavating, recovering, and analyzing human skeletal remains in a medico-legal context. This course covers the field components of forensic anthropology, from planning a search for someone presumed dead to excavating a clandestine grave.

Required Prerequisite Courses:
Prerequisite ANT 205

Assessment and Grading Policies:
Marking Scheme:

|Assignment / Test |Due Date |(% of final mark) | |Search plan & inventory |Aug 23 |10% (each 5%) | |(group assignment) | | | |Test |Aug 27 |10% | |Case book |Sept 26 |15% | |(group assignment) | | | |GIS/Google Earth (individual assignment) |Oct 31 |10% | |Plan view and sketch map |Nov 7 |5% | |(group and individual) | | | |Google Earth tour |Nov 21 |15% | |(individual assignment) | | | |Written report |Nov 28 |15% | |(individual assignment) | | | |Presentation of case |Nov 21 or 28 |15% | |(individual – presented as part of larger | | | |group) | | | |Presentation participation |Nov 21 or 28 |5% |

There is no final exam for this course.

Description of Major Assignments and Tests:

Detailed descriptions, expectations, and grading rubrics will be posted for each assignment and made available for students to download from blackboard.

Late Assignment Policy:
Late assignments will not be accepted. Students will receive a 0 for any assignment not turned in on time. Hard copies of assignments are due at the beginning of class on the due date (except for labs, which are due at the end of the lab class). If you are ill and have a doctor’s note, you may email the assignment to me prior to the class in which it is due.

Policies regarding religious holidays and accommodations for religious activities from Section 3.1 of the 2006-2007 Faculty Handbook: Absent for Religious Holidays:
• The general tenor of the University’s policy regarding accommodations for religious observances is that no student should suffer academic penalty...
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