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Tondalaya Smith
Maria Zafonte
Oregano’s best pizza in town?

The warm homey feeling that you get when you walk into Oregano’s Pizza Bistro is priceless. The ambiance is so characterized to fit the theme of the mid 1940’s, it holds a refreshing breath taker. Lawrence Gibbilini was the founder of Oregano’s originally in Chicago, he later died in the late 1970’s after his son took over the family business. From then Oregano’s has developed all over Arizona grasping everyone’s attention. Oregano’s pizza provides an assortment of hospitality, the best food for your buck, and a realistic atmosphere of a 1940 Chicago pizza joint. Oregano’s Pizza Bistro summarizes up a family orientated and lively eatery, the atmosphere seems like you took a trip into time back to when the first Oregano’s actually opened.

The atmosphere of Oregano’s is very grasping to the audience. The lively music playing from Frank Sinatra while you walk in gives you the chills of refreshing jazz music. When you start to walk around you get a sense of a comfortable home feeling that is very cozy. Everything from when you first pull up is related to an old 1940 pizza joint. At the Phoenix location I noticed that they had an outside area to eat that was decorated with lights and little round tables. Even when eating outside they had speakers outside so you can still hear the soulful voices of the jazz musicians. The brick walls that surrounded the building made the place have that much character. To get to your seats you had to pass by a bar that was decorated with old bottles from the early 1900’s. These little details excited me because I appreciated that they took the time to find things that made that much of an impact to observers like myself. Oregano’s had small 12” TV’s scattered all around the development. No, they were not flat screens, or modernized TV’s at that. They were not even made in this century, they were actually in black and white. When I asked the waiter what was playing on them he said that the shows that they were playing were from the 1930-1940’s. Last but not least the final thing that caught my attention when I first walked in was the open kitchen where the customers could watch the workers make their food. Personally I loved this, being able to see your food being freshly made and just seeing how much effort gets put into every plate is exciting to see. An example of another Italian restaurant would be Olive Garden. In comparison theme wise is that Olive Garden is not as cultured as Oregano’s. Since Olive Garden is more of a franchised business they probably don’t get into depth of the real Italian roots as Oregano’s family business does. The scenery provides a warm feeling that gives off a happy first impression for the customer.

The hospitality that is provided by the staff of Oregano’s is very inviting and warm. The Host/Hostess showed very lively enthusiasm that was very inviting. They say that the second thing that you look for in a restaurant is how you are treated by the staff. Ultimately how they made you feel will stick with you sometimes if the establishment is not very appealing. The waiter expressed a constant interest to the needs of myself. One thing that through me a little off was when my party first got there the waiter started giving me these looks. At first I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary but then they started becoming very constant. The waiter then stopped at our table and apologized for the looks. He explained to us that he thought that my friend was Alex Len (Phoenix Suns NBA player) and I was his girlfriend. Apparently Alex Len is always spotted around Phoenix nonchalantly in the public’s eye. My friend and I couldn’t help but to laugh. For his awkward eye look’s he gave us a free pizooki for his peace offering. The other waiters and waitresses were very inviting and friendly the entire time we were there. I don’t know if it was because we looked like people we weren’t or...

References: Oregano 's. (n.d.). Retrieved October 30, 2014.
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