Ordering Food in a Restaurant

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Ordering food in a restaurant

Nowadays more and more people are choosing to have a meal out in a restaurant. There a re several reasons for this. One of them is a desire to spend better time in a comfortable atmosphere rather than prepare food at home. But it’s highly important for restaurant lovers not to forget about table manners speaking nothing about the right way to order food. Students and office workers get used to eating at their canteens so they just help themselves with whatever they like and don’t have to communicate with the waiters. Usually when a student comes in to the restaurant, he has a short look on the menu and after the waiter come to take an order he says: Hamburger and that’s it. It will be much more polite to use such phrases like I’ll have hamburger or I'd like the seafood spaghetti. 

It also can happen that you haven’t decided on something at the time when the waiter comes to you. He asks Have you chosen something it’s better to reply: Not yet. Could you give a little more time, please.

Another situation is when the restaurant menu offers a great variety of choice: first, second courses, side dishes, appetizers and it’s difficult to make up your mind what to choose. So it will never be impolite to ask the waiter to recommend you something. Ask him about the specialty of the day. If you are not particular about drinks, you can be advised to try some soft drinks or freshly squeezed juice. If you want to order steak, don’t forget to say the waiter which one would you like: rare, medium or well-done.
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