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3. Describe from a “business” perspective was steps of the process you are performing. (Do NOT describe what ‘screens’ you used etc.) Make sure you describe: a. A likely role in the organization that would perform that step (e.g. Customer Service Rep) b. What would ‘trigger’ the activity? (E.g. What would cause the activity to start?) c. What activities rely on this activity to be completed? (E.g. which other activities in the process would rely on this activity being completed) d. What are any related physical or money flows.

The Order to cash process starts by receiving the sales order from the customer. Here, Fitter and snacker is our company which manufactures snack bars of two types – NRG A (advanced energy) and NRG B (Body building proteins). We have received an order to deliver 10 cases of NRG B bars to our client West hills athletic club from the storage location 300. The further process of order to cash in fitter and snacker is described as below:

* Here as a Sales manager, I have received a sales order to deliver 10 cases of NRG B snacks bar from west hills athletic club.

* The trigger for this activity is receiving an order inquiry from the West hills athletic club for NRG B bars

* The further activities relying on this process are checking the availability of NRG B bars, packing and shipping it as well as invoicing west hills athletic club.

* It is an information flow.

* Here again as a Sales Manager, I will check the availability of NRG B bars in our stores so that I can inform west hills athletic club about expected delivery date and create an sales order.

* The trigger is sales inquiry from the West hills athletic club.

* The further activity relying on checking availability of goods is picking of NRG B bars from the storage location for packing and shipping it to west hills athletic club.

* It is an...
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