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Order getter


The role most synonymous with selling is a position in which the salesperson is actively engaged in using their skills to obtain orders from customers. One highly challenging yet potentially lucrative example of this are sales positions where the main objective is to find new customers. Sales jobs in this category are often in fields that are very competitive, but offer high rewards for those that are successful. The key distinguishing factor of these positions is that once a sale is made new business salespeople pass customers on to others in their organization who handle account maintenance. These positions include:

• Business-to-Business
The sales person gets order for a product with intentions of follow-up sales. More than often business-to-business sales people have more than one product to offer. So initially the consumer may buy a few products but the sales rep tries building a customer relationship hoping he can get the customer into buying the other products too.

• Trade
Order getters for consumer goods companies do not always sell the product to consumers or the end users. Instead they try to lure the distributors, retailers and wholesalers to like their product. Once they are taken into the loop these sales people start focusing on product promotion. The sales reps help these middle men by providing them promotional ideas etc to boost sales.

• Business Equipment Sales - These salespeople are often found in industries where a company’s main profits come from the sale of supplies and services that come after an initial equipment purchase. The key objective of business equipment salespeople is to get buyers to purchase the main piece of equipment for which supplies and service are needed in order for the equipment to function. For instance, in the photocopier industry certain salespeople only seek out new accounts and once a photocopier sale is made they pass along the account to other sales personnel who handle the sales of maintenance and supply products. • Telemarketing – This category includes product sales over the phone, whether aimed at business or consumer. While in the US laws restrict unsolicited phone selling, the practice is still widely used in the business market. • Consumer Selling – Certain companies are very aggressive in their use of salespeople to build new consumer business. These include: retailers selling certain high priced consumer products including furniture, electronics and clothing; housing products including real estate, security services, building replacement products (e.g., windows); and in-home product sellers including those selling door-to-door and products sold at "home party" events such as cosmetics, kitchenware and decorative products.

Order taker

A sales person is not always a person trying to get orders he can simply take orders from the customer too. Here the sales person helps the customer in buying the product and is less assertive when compared to order getters. Obviously order takers happen to be the lesser paid ones in comparison to order getters. A lot of retail sales persons are order takers. They help the customer with the products and help in handling their check out as well.

Customer service is another form of order taking. Here orders are usually taken over the phone or online. They are paid minimum wage and do not have to persuade anyone to buy anything. Example: In a fancy women’s clothing store, the order getter convinces the customer to purchase some very expensive gowns. She will then take the customer with the merchandise to the order taker who will complete the transaction and take care of such matters as payment, delivery, etc. A smart retailer does not want to waste an order getter’s valuable time with such routine and mundane matters as completing the order. Here are some sign that can differenciate order taker from saleperson or order getter:

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