Order over Freedom

Topics: Human, Honey bee, Queen bee Pages: 3 (984 words) Published: September 11, 2011
Imagine living in a beehive. You are a single bee, among thousands of the same species. Every day, you do the same routine assigned to you. You may be tasked to collect nectar from flowers and spread pollen to other flowers. You can also be ordered to work in the beehive and take care of the young. The queen bee would be in charge of the whole colony. Observing the situation, we can say that every bee in the colony has a specific function or role. That is how bees, even though small and simple, can be strong and smart. They have order and functionalism to build and maintain their colony. But can humans, being more complex and free-minded than bees, be subjected to complete order? The Verichip is a microchip that can be implanted under one’s skin. Each chip is unique; each has a verification number used for identification purposes. It can be used to know the records of a patient admitted in a hospital. Future versions of this chip can be used to access technological creations, such as cars, PCs, ATMs, etc. The Verichip can also be used to track missing persons, like wanted criminals and Alzheimer patients. Electronic payments may also be a possible feature of this chip. Aside from credit cards, they can just scan the chip to collect payment from the services rendered. The Verichip is open to more development. It may be one day used in schools and offices to collect attendance and for payments. One drawback that I can see from the Verichip is that it requires a magnetic field to power it. It may affect the health of the person attached with it. What if the current in the chip affects the neural networks of your body? Another issue is the material used to build the chip. Is the plastic in the chip safe for the internal tissues of the body? The materials may affect the persons in many ways. Each person may have a reaction to the material used in the construction of the chip. A person may have an allergy to any of the materials in the chip. Rather than helping that...
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