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English 9
6 February 2013
Little Rock 9
Why was there ever discrimination in schools in the U.S.A? The Little Rock nine is a great example of discrimination in the U.S. The Little Rock nine was a group of African American students that went to an all white high school. Students and parents were upset about them attending the high school so they protested outside of the high school; some students didn't even come to school. The Little Rock nine still came to school every day knowing the trouble to come. The reason the nine students were sent to the school is because of the case Brown vs. Board of Education which desegregated schools slowly thought America.(“Little Rock Nine Desegregation” 1) The mayor asked President Eisenhower to send troops to protect the 9 African American students in 1957 (Little Rock Nine 2).They brought attention from all around America. The Little Rock Nine was one of the biggest steps in the civil rights movement. .

In May of 1955 the nine African American students were mobbed by guards and students the first day they went to Little Rock Central High School. Every day they were harassed and bullied. There weren’t very many supporting students if any. They impacted the civil rights movement greatly by bringing attention to the subject of desegregation of schools and turned into a nationwide crisis (“Little Rock Nine Desegregation” 1). The nine students names are Carlotta Walls, Jefferson Thomas, Gloria Ray, Ernest Green, Elizabeth Eckford, Thelma Mothershed, Rodriguez 2 Terrence Roberts, Minnijean Brown and Melba Pattilo. Elizabeth Eckford was the first to arrive at the high school she walked up to the steps only to be greeted by an angry mob of students and parents(“Little Rock Nine” 1). When she saw the angry mob she looked for a friendly face in the crowd, she thought she saw a nice old...

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