Ordeal by Cheques

Topics: Mother, Father, Parent Pages: 2 (862 words) Published: October 29, 2014

Aviles, Alexandra A.
Mr. Rodriguez
Pre AP English 1
17 September 2014
Lawrence Exeter Jr.: A Short Story
July 14th, 1931. I lie in my deathbed at 10:49 pm, thinking. It seems like just yesterday I was only five, with my whole life ahead of me. I remember my mother told me stories while I sat on her lap. She would make hot chocolate and I would listen to her talk. My favorite story always started the same way. On September 2nd, 1903, the day I was born. My mom went into labor a month earlier than expected, so it was a good thing that they already bought baby supplies. The only problem was my parents thought I was going to be a girl. My mother would laugh every time she spoke of this, but she always assured me afterwards that they both love me all the same, no matter who I turned out to be. They named me Lawrence Exeter, after my father. This was the last and only memory I have of my mom before she left us. After my mother left, my dad got married to his job. Although he gave me everything I wanted, he barely paid attention to me. He enrolled me in the best schools, and gave me something not a lot of kids my age had: money. Money brought me to the top of the social hierarchy. Everyone at school wanted to be me. They gave me the attention I so badly craved from my father. But everything changed after I turned 18. My dad met Miss Daisy Windsor after I almost crashed into her car. She was young and beautiful; it was no surprise to why my dad took interest in her at first sight. My dad used to send letters while I was at Stanford. He absolutely spoiled her. They went on vacations to Hawaii and France, he bought her tons of flowers and jewelry, they stayed at the fanciest hotels and he even bought her a fully furnished house. He treated her like a queen. I was amazed at how much my father loved Daisy. I used to get upset whenever I read my father's letters. I envied how he had a significant other who actually loved him for who he was. I used to have a lot of...
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