Ordeal by Cheque

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In Santa Monica, California Lawrence and Diana Exter’s lived a very quiet life. Since Diana is pregnant and expecting any day now they decide to do a little baby shopping at Yoosie Yander Baby Shoppe. There they stocked up on diapers and formula spending about $48.50. Three days later on September 2, 1903 she went into labor for 13hours giving birth to a baby boy named Lawrence Exter Jr. For that they gave the hospital a co-payment of $100. They took the baby home that week and loved being new parents, but one month later Lawrence Jr. became very ill. He had caught the flu and was in the hospital for two weeks. That resulted in them paying $475.00 to Dr. David M. McCoy. After going home they lived a great life still adjusting to being parents. About two months later Christmas was right around the corner so they went toy shopping. After going to California Toyland Co. they had gotten every toy imaginable for $83.20. This was their first Christmas as a family and it was very memorable.
As Lawrence Jr. was getting older they began to look into schools for him to attend. They decided on Palisades School for Boys costing $1250.00. Lawrence was six and absolutely loved going to school and learning new things. He was growing up so quickly and less than a year later he was learning to ride a bike. So his parents went to City Bicycle Co. and bought him a bike for $52.5-.
Five years later Lawrence was in his awkward stage and he began to misbehave so his parents sent him off to Columbia Military Academy for $2150.00. After going there he grew out of his bad habits and became a great young man with ambition. At the age of 18 his dad bought him a new car as a gift for graduating. His car was from Hollywood Cadillac for $3000.00. He absolutely loved his car! He went to go pimp it out with tinted window and a new stereo from Auto Repair Co. for $388.76. That same year Lawrence was accepted to Standford University and went there straight out of high school. His dad

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