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Topics: Barack Obama, Burrito, Divorce Pages: 3 (1120 words) Published: February 6, 2014
This New Year, I knew that I needed a change, so I made to go to the gym daily, stop spending so much money on things I didn’t need, and to get rid of my... baby fat. On January 2nd, I called the gym to cancel my membership. On January 3rd, I made my usual morning trip to Starbucks. I ordered the regular – a triple venti sugar free, non fat, no foam, extra caramel, with whip caramel macchiato with, regular coffee down the side with two packets of raw sugar. And a stir stick. When I received my order and it was missing the whip, I immediately tossed my coffee, demanded a refund, and berated the barista. I gave up on my coffee and my resolution, because without the whip, I am nothing. On January 4th, I heard Chipotle’s Mexican goodness calling my name. $9 dollars and an entire steak burrito bowl later, I felt horribly guilty… and fat. I had broken all three of my resolutions at once. And I even paid extra for guacamole. Looking back on the goals I’d set out for myself just three days earlier and had already failed to keep, I realized that maybe this year wasn’t the time for change. I had given up on the resolutions I’d made because they were difficult, but I was left with the same problems I’d dealt with the year before. Unfortunately we all fall victim to the chipotle bowl, gym cancelations, and occasional Starbucks mess-up. We often give up way too easily and not just on new years resolutions. Instead of waiting out our failed relationships, difficult jobs, or even extracurricular commitments we choose to end them before we even start. Psychologist Adi Jaffe explains in his inspirational article entitled “How to give up giving up” that sure there is a time and a place to let go and move on from things that matter, but having this mindset all the time is just a waste! We’re subconsciously sabotaging our past, our present, and even our future. So lets stop giving up by first examining what causes us to have this mindset, second how its always effecting us before...
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