Oration of Chief Seattle

Topics: Native Americans in the United States, Hawaii, Washington Pages: 2 (652 words) Published: January 12, 2013
In the oration to Governor Isaac I. Stevens,Chief Seattle tries to persuade the whites of the United States that they should treat the Native Americans equally despite their inferior status.The way Chief Seattle achieves this is through figurative language, organization, and diction, this is how he shows both the reason and pride behind his oration to the Governor. Another function of this orientation is a wake up call to the Governor that the Natives are not as weak as they may seem they do still obtain power. Respect is shown to the Governor and the whites at the beginning by Chief Seattle because he approaches them in a friendly manner which shows he understands white’s superior status. The choice of diction really helps persuade the governor especially when he refers to him as “the great, and 'the good white chief” throughout the text. Chief Seattle's goal here is to make the governor support his oration despite the underlying mocking of the whites and their intelligence. When the Chief takes full responsibility on the plight of his people this causes him to gain respect and admirability of the Governor even though most likely he felt quite opposite of this the Chief knew his goal was to persuade the Governor and thats exactly what he was doing. Another way he tried to gain the Governor’s support was when he blames his own Native soldiers during the warfare between them and the whites saying their “hearts are black” to show that he knows that his people are wrong. Chief Seattle knows exactly what he is doing with every word he attempts to tell the Americans what they want to hear this shows how easily it was to influence the whites and despite the fact the Natives were “inferior” they were very underestimated by the whites.another method used by the chief was to increase his credibility when he uses a simile saying “my words are like stars that never change,”(line3) this shows the Governor that he is willing to cooperate with the whites. Throughout...
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