Oranges and apples

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Oranges and Apples
Apples and oranges are the world’s best fruit as I can say, and both of these edible elements have several things in common. Firstly oranges and apples are both fruits and they are ridiculously delicious and most of the people have them every day for healthy purposes. Another factor they have in common is that both of these fruits grow on trees. Another way that oranges and apples are alike is that they are the same in shape, oranges and apples take the shape of circular figure and they are easy to hold and eat. Therefore these two have many things in common and what people love about them is because they are nutritious, tastes brilliant, and adds color for a healthy lifestyle. However there are many situations where oranges and apples don’t agree on one ground or with each other when taken individually, it’s true that they are fruits, they grow on trees and they consist of a very similar figure to each other, however there are differences between these fruits.

Oranges are fruits and are grown on seeds; same scenario applies to apples because even apples are grown on seeds and then later turn in to large trees. However, apples are grown temperate. They can be produced in a certain climate with a certain temperature, mostly of a slightly cool climate. Depending on the climate, the size and the taste of the apple makes a huge difference if not full-fledged in the accurate climate, where as Oranges have the necessity of being put out to be produced in a warm climate, they can be fledged in warm climates for instance such as in Florida whilst apples take their place in cool climates such as in Michigan. In order to produce the fruit orange, the seeds are shattered along the soil in tropical temperatures and the fruit is grown elegantly, therefore depending on the climate oranges can be tested if they are ripe, tropical or consist of a bitter taste. Consequently oranges and apples differ from the type of climates and temperatures they...
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