Orange Is The New Black

Topics: Prison, Life imprisonment, Penology Pages: 3 (1911 words) Published: November 5, 2014

Jenna OpetProfessor Rhoades
English Comp. 1
12 October 2014
Reforming the Villain
Piper Kerman, author of Orange is the New Black: My Year in a Women’s Prison, is a story written about a confused and innocent young women who ends up living the life of a criminal. Kerman was caught up in the wrong circumstances at the wrong time, therefore leading to a life in prison. She had no clear plan for what she wanted to do in life, so when she met the intriguing Nora, she was eager to go on an adventure; this lead to Kerman ending up behind bars. Kerman was just a young risk-taker who didn’t know what kind of affair she was about to enter. Prison was something that she and most other prisoners never imagined that they would be a part of. Many people end up in prison due to their state of mind. Kerman was distraught and unsure, so when an opportunity came along she took it. Also many people including drug addicts, the homeless and the mentally ill all can have a wrong mind state, and many of these people make up the prison population; this is one of the many reasons that it should be a rehabilitative institution. Kerman was a young woman who just had not found who she was yet. She was in love with Nora, so she became blinded of the decisions that were right and that were wrong. Deep down Kerman knew her actions were wrong, however she believed that she would never get caught for them. As long as she did not receive any punishment, she would be fine. In the first chapter, she said, “I knew that carrying more than ten-thousand dollars undeclared was illegal, let alone carrying it for a West African drug lord.” (3). Kerman’s mindset was messed up; she knew Nora was not to be trusted, but she still went along with everything that was happening. Kerman knew she was not reliable when Nora dared her to jump off of a thirty-five feet high towering waterfall. After receiving this dare, she willingly plunged off of the cliff. Kerman asked her, “You mean you...

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