Oral Presentation-Washing Vehicle

Topics: Good, Customer, Customer service Pages: 2 (471 words) Published: August 27, 2013
Hello everyone !! , assalamualaikum n good afternoon to my handsome n beuty customers..are u ok today ??? yeah .. that’s good ..first of all,,all of u bring motocycle at poli right ?...so ,that is the reasons why we at here..I Abdul Hakam n this my partner Siti Wahadini from CuciClear Sdn Bhd at ipoh , to promote our service is washing motocycle at this poli.so,i give to my partner to more explaining about our service. This is our business card that have our name Mr Abdul Hakam n I Siti wahadini,our contact number 014-2345678 n 012-1122233,our facebook account ,email n blogspot cuciclear94...So, i want to show to u all our timetable for this service.The reasons why we making the timetable because we also the student at politeknik ungku omar.we must manage time wisely for study n this service.Ok,go to the timetable,for on Monday,Tuesday and Wednesday ,customers must go to our place at night only because a day we have a class..On Thursday,we not working. On Friday,the same time on Monday,Tuesday n Wednesday but we have to go to customer’s house.is the same meaning house to house. On Saturday also,the same what we do previously but a day n night only. Lastly,on Sunday we rest from 1pm to 2.30pm. so,i give to my partner to explain about our statistic.

Hi, i can explain for the statistic,from the timetable n what we do ,i can conclude that 90% customer is come to wash a motocycle.4% for who use a car.5% who comes to our company to washing their vehicle and 1% for who bring bcycle to our company. in my conclusion, many customers is who use motocycles because many student bring motocycle to politeknik and we wash house to house. Other than that, student to avoid from traffic jam.so,that is the reason many our customers wash motocycle from other. I want asking to all my lovely customer,why u must choose us ??? because first, we provide a free WiFi for 2-3 customers who comes washing to our company. second ,we go to customer’s house.and lastly ,for the price we...
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