Oral Presentation

Topics: High school, Student, Education Pages: 2 (618 words) Published: September 12, 2010
As a college student it is almost a must to be able to present an oral presentation. No matter what your major is, most probabaly it requires the ability to do a nearly perfect representaion. Especially in high school, students try to do everything to avoid making a speech or an oral presentation. I can still remember my first speech back in grade 5 which went terribly wrong. Though i was far from being a shy student, i was so nervous on the day of my speech that i could not eat that morning. I was so quiet in school that my friends thought that i was maybe sick. Anyway somehow i managed to finish my speech which was from my point a view a disaster as a i mentioned before. From my own experience, i believe most students feel uncomfortable doing a speech or a presentation because they simply lack the methods of preparing and delivering an effective oral presentation. Here are some examples of what you should do before, during and after an oral presentation. Before you do a presentation,you should make a really good preparation. Most students who do bad are the ones who are unprepared. First of all make sure you understand the actual topic because only then you are able to present your work well. Then oraganize your ideas logically and systematically. A good idea is to prepare some helpful notecards. Once you have finished with your preparation, present your work to your friends or to your family to see their reaction. Try to improve whatever they criticize. On the day of your presentation, make sure you look good and feel comfortable. Arrive in class before the audience, as you have to check the tools and equipment that you are going to use. The most important part is the actual presentation. However once you well prepared you should not be too worried about presenting. There are only a few details you should be aware of . The number one rule is to speak loud and clear all the time, because if your audience is having a hard time understanding you, then they will...
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