Oral Commentary

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oral commentary

"hello, this is jakob gonzalez. Today i will comment on Two Minue Drill by Mike Lupica. my focua will be to analyze the way the universal theme of dreaming represents Mike Lupica's view of life as nobody is perfect.The view of life is established by Mike Lupica's effective use of conflict resoltion, and character development. Pior to my analysis i will provide you an overview of my text.

I will now summarize the main literary features of the novel Two Minute Drill.

The setting of Two Minute Drill is around fall and one of the main settings would be perry's field because that's where scott hangs out with chris and that's where he really gets him emotions out and doesn't really focuson anything and th have a great tme with his dog Casey and Chris.

The protagonist of Two Minute Drill is scott perry. Scott perry may be charcterized by the following two traits, shy and self conscious. the antagonist Jimmy Dolan may be characterized by the following two traits, selfish and greedy.

The major internal conflict is Scott wants to get better at football and Chris wants toget better at math, and language arts. so they agree on a deal to help each other. The major external conflict is chris gets hurt in the championship game and scott has to get the final points to win.

The main events of this novel are in the beginning Scott was the new kid and kept on getting bullied by Jimmy and after chris came in and told Jimmy to stop. A couple of weeks later chris saw how good scott was a kicker and wanted to tell everyone but scott was trying hold him back. Also chris finally told scott about how he cant read and totally freaked scott out about it. Finally the last major event would be when scott had to kick a field goal to win he game for the championship on the line and it was actually his first time on the field playing. the climax of Two Minute Drill is when chris finally told scott that he couldn't read. The novel concludes with the...
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