Oral Care

Topics: Toothbrush, Marketing, Oral hygiene Pages: 4 (983 words) Published: October 16, 2012
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Indian Oral Care Market: Low Penetration Offers Growth Opportunities Description: In India, oral care market offers huge potential as penetration and per capita consumption of oral care products is very low. However, rising per capita income and increasing awareness is driving demand of oral care products. Consumers have started switching to value-added toothpastes like gels, mouth washes, and teeth whitening products. In rural areas, consumers are switching from toothpowders to toothpastes. A key industry trend is the move towards natural products comprising of herbs, vitamins and minerals. A serious challenge for the industry is the low dentist-population ratio, with just one dentist for 10,000 people in urban areas and about 0.25 million people in rural areas. There is an urgent need of more dental health practitioners with relevant qualifications and training. Government has taken various initiatives like dental health camps to promote good oral care. Manufacturers have used advertising campaigns to promote higher consumption of toothpastes and toothbrushes. Colgate and HUL together account for over two-thirds of the organized toothpaste market. In toothpowder market, Colgate, HUL and Dabur are the major players. The report analyzes the oral care market in India. It also provides a brief overview of the world and US oral care market. The report also profiles the major companies, with a discussion of their key business strategies. It also analyzes the major drivers and issues in the oral care market.


1. Industry Snapshot Introduction History of Oral Care Oral Care Industry Structure 2. Market Overview 2.1 Worldwide Market Market Value & Growth Rate Market Segmentation Market Size by Region 2.2 United States Market Value & Growth Rate Market Segmentation 2.3 India Market Segmentation Toothpaste Market Toothpowder Market Market Opportunities 3. Growth Drivers 3.1...
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