Oral Cancer

Topics: Aphthous ulcer, Oral ulcer, Mouth Pages: 16 (372 words) Published: December 18, 2014

• Mouth ulcers are sores that
appear in the mouth, often
inside of the cheeks.
• Mouth ulcers, also known
as apthous ulcers, can be
painful when eating,
drinking or brushing teeth.

Types of mouth ulcer
• The main types of mouth ulcer are:
• Minor ulcers. These are around 2-8mm in
diameter and usually clear up in 10 days to
2 weeks.
• Major ulcers. These are bigger and deeper,
often with a raised or irregular border. This
type of ulcer can take several weeks to heal
and may leave a scar in the mouth.
• Herpetiform ulcers: This type of ulcer is a
cluster of dozens of smaller sores the size of

• painful sore or sores inside the mouth, on
the tongue, soft palate (the back portion of
the roof of the mouth), or inside the
• Sores in the mouth that are round, white,
or grey in colour, with a red edge or border.
• In severe mouth ulcer attacks, may also
experience :
 Fever
Physical sluggishness
Swollen lymph nodes

•.rubbing on sharp edges of
teeth, fillings, crowns, false
teeth (dentures), braces
(orthodontic appliances)
•.Accidental biting caused by a
lack of awareness of painful
stimuli in the mouth


2. Thermal burn
• usually result from placing hot food or
beverages in the mouth
• normal painful sensation is absent
and a burn may occur
• Thermal food burns are usually on the
palate or posterior buccal mucosa,
and appear as zones of erythema and

3. Chemical injury
• Caustic chemicals may cause ulceration
of the oral mucosa if they are of strong
enough concentration and in contact for
a sufficient length of time.
• Examples:

hydrogen peroxide

4. Irradiation
• As a result of radiotherapy to the mouth,
radiation induced stomatitis may develop,
which can be associated with ulceration
5. Aphthous stomatitis
• causes include hematinic deficiency
(folate, vitamin B, iron), stopping smoking,
stress, menstruation, trauma, food
allergies or hypersensitivity to sodium
lauryl sulphate (found in many brands of

Aphthous stomatitis

• non healing mouth ulcer may be a
cancerous lesion
• May due to long term smoking and
alcohol consumption (particularly
• Common sites of oral cancer are the
lower lip, the floor of the mouth, and
the sides and underside of the tongue

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