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Topics: 3D computer graphics, Film, New York City Pages: 1 (289 words) Published: March 16, 2011
Optional essay sample for ISB Academic break (1992-1994) In my boarding school somewhere along the way my focus shifted from studies to sports and cinema. After completing class XII with average marks, I was left with very few options. None of them appealed as much as an engineering degree from IIT, India’s premiere institute. Considering my academic background IIT wasn’t an easy decision. Having made that decision I was very determined and even a failed first attempt did not deter me. I was successful in my second attempt. Gap in Professional career (2001-2002) Once I decided that it was time to pursue my entrepreneurial ambitions, the seeds of which were planted at IIT, I started my preparation. Animation and Films were always my area of interest and I sensed a huge opportunity. To start with – I attended short intensive filmmaking, 3d Animation and Visual Effects courses at New York Film Academy and New York University. I returned to India, did some more ground work and eventually launched my venture in March 2002.

Current Status We made substantial investments in 2007, largely to strengthen our production capabilities, and complete our Studio properties. We had our financiers backing. These efforts helped us pitch for large project as we could demonstrate our ability to scale up quickly. We made serious progress, however in mid 2008 the market dynamics changed. We sensed inevitable delays in our plans and decided that we will need to operate at lower levels till markets stabilized. I decided to pursue an MBA. Having discussed this in detail with my board members and the team, I spoke to my clients. The team pursued newer opportunities and we opted to source animation from external vendors.

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