Option Evaluation – Stakeholder Expectations

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Strategy, Analysis and Evaluation


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Georges A. Bouverat
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KinseyKenneth W. Gregson
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Jennifer Quinton
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Executive Summary (300-400 words)
From Workbook, pg 121: “…should be a short, high-level report in its own right, in which you should communicate concisely the key opportunities and challenges, the recommendations you wish to make, together with a statement which sets out the benefits and advantages the case study organisation are likely to gain in the future as a consequence of your report. … should discuss briefly implications of each of the key opportunities and challenges identified from analysis. …provide enough detail and understanding for the CEO…also provide a discussion of the strategic benefits to be gained by the org. together with a note about resource implications in the future. ...each major recommendation is discussed in a short concise paragraph of its own….” Goal: 300 – 400 words

Table of Contents
1Introduction (100-200 words)4
2Environmental Analysis (700 words)5
2.1Transactional Environment5
2.2Internal Environment6
3Key Strategic Issues and Constraints (200 words)8
4Conclusions (200-300 words)9
5Recommendation (700 words)10
6References (check referencing style)11
Appendix APESTLE Analysis13
Appendix BWBD Sectors16
Appendix CFive Forces Analysis – Russian Dairy, Drinks and Baby Food17 Appendix DWBD Resources21
Appendix EWBD Market Segmentation22
Appendix FWBD Markets, Market Share & Competition24
Appendix GRelative Strengths of WBD and Top 10 Global Leaders in Food25 Appendix HRussian Consumer Values26
Appendix IStakeholder Analysis27
Appendix J7 Why’s28
Appendix KWBD SWOT Analysis29
Appendix LStrategic Option Generation – TOWS31
Appendix MStrategic Option Generation – Ansoff Matrix32
Appendix NOptions to be considered34
Appendix OOption Evaluation – Suitability37
Appendix POption Evaluation – Stakeholder Expectations39

1Introduction (100-200 words)
Assumptions/Fundamentals (Aim to maximise value in 5 years to make it attractive for sale.) From Workbook, pg 121 “…include a brief not about the approach adopted to undertake the strategic analysis…note about the purpose of the report and how it could be used by the organisation in the future.” Goal: 100-200 words

Sample content/Comments:

Field Packaging Example from Intranet:

This report outlines medium term (3 – 5 years) strategic recommendations for the business strategy for Field Packaging East Kilbride (FPEK). These recommendations are based upon a comprehensive strategic analysis of FPEK’s current and likely future situation. The recommendations aim to enhance FPEK’s existing competencies. This will add value to the both the company and its customers. Thus enabling FPEK to develop and sustain competitive advantage in the highly competitive branded products market segment of the packaging industry, in which it operates.

2Environmental Analysis (700 words)
2.1Transactional Environment
Despite a projected decline in population of 10 million by 2010 [01.], Russia is seeing a rise of the middle class, which has now reached 4 million adults and children [02.]. This segment has a taste for westernised affluence, so is demanding higher quality, premium, healthy products and increased convenience from the retail sector. There is a strong need for organisations to address this demand by supplying more innovative products of higher quality to the market (such as premium-range yogurts and healthy snacks).

It is estimated that the grocery market in Russia will reach $186 Billion USD by 2010 which will be good for WBD’s future in the dairy market [02.]. In...

References: [02.] Sector Profile on Food and Beverage in the Russian Market, New Zealand Trade and Enterprise, Hamburg, January, 2007
[03.] WBD Segmentation in WBD Memorandum, 6 February 2006
[06.] FCO Country Profile – Russia, 2007
[07.] WBD Case Study, GSB Strathclyde, April 2007
[12.] Danone Annual Report, 2005, from company website www.danone.com
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[19.] Cargill company website, http://www.cargill.com/
[28.] Russia economy: Criminals in the marketplace? EIU ViewsWire. New York: Nov 1, 2006
[29.] Wal-Mart expansion should focus on Russia – report, cee-foodindustry.com, October 25 2004
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