Optimum Nutrition

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May 24, 2013
Optimum Nutrition

Reaching a state of optimum nutrition can completely change a person's mind, body, and life. A sense of well-being can be achieved no matter what age, gender or race a person is. It's never too late to change the type of life a person lives in order to create something better. A state of optimum nutrition and well-being can be characterized by consistently high energy levels, a clear mind and a focus and desire to get out in the world and live a fit and healthy life. In the process of reaching optimum nutrition a person can learn to be fully aware of what suits their body, what enhances their health and what they may need at any given moment. Notice the word "need" being used instead of the word "want". It is important that a person realizes the difference between what they want or crave and what their body actually needs. It is vital that people start looking at food as fuel for their body versus a source of enjoyment, fulfillment or comfort. If a person thinks only about putting in their body what would enhance their health, fitness, performance and overall appearance on a daily basis, their life would likely be much more enjoyable and they would feel full of energy and ready to tackle the day from the moment they wake up without a single drop of coffee or tea.

Patrick Holford (The Optimum Nutrition Bible) writes, "Your body is composed entirely of molecules derived from food." A person is said to consume 100 tons of food in their lifetime. This is broken down by enzyme-rich secretions in the digestive tract which are produced at a rate of about ten liters per day. Macronutrients and micronutrients are absorbed through the digestive tract, whose health depends on what a person consumes. A person's nutritional status determines their capacity to adapt and maintain health. If a person were to consume fast food on a daily basis, said person would likely experience many symptoms...

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