Optimize Link State Routing Protocol for mobile ad hoc networks

Topics: Computer network, Mobile ad hoc network, Link-state routing protocol Pages: 1 (361 words) Published: October 30, 2013
The routing protocol is the key component of any mobile ad hoc network, this is the minimum requisite in order to enable communication within the network. We have developed OLSR, an optimized link state routing protocol which is based on MPR flooding. Since OLSR support the whole legacy of internet, it can carry many extensions, some of them specific to mobile ad hoc networking. This protocol has been presented and successfully defended in the working group MANET of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) and presently is an experimental RFC [3]. The protocol scales particularily well when the network density increases and provides optimal path in terms of hop number.

Another contribution of the project lies in the development of source code of the OLSR routing protocol. This included development of a daemon, able to run on real wireless networks, based on 802.11 ad hoc mode. This allowed to use, test, and evaluate ad-hoc networking in real life. Real world measurements were done on a testbed at INRIA, which enabled enhancements of the protocol, taking into account the instability of real radio links. Later, the project team deployed the OLSR protocol in a bigger network on another site, under partnership; performance was thoroughly evaluated: mobility (with different speeds) ; tests of the reactivity of the routing protocol with respect to topology changes ; good behavior of the protocol in a static configuration (neighborhood, no routing loops) ; analysis of available bandwidth depending on the number of hops, ... The code was also ported to industrial simulation environments (like OPNET), and allowing the test the performance of the OLSR protocol, with more stringent topology and networks (higher number of nodes, higher mobility, ...), and which was the subject of extensive study under those conditions. The Optimized Link State Routing protocol was, in 2003, standardized by the IETF as RFC3626. Publication of OLSR as RFC lead to a large influx of...
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