Optimism and Health Paper

Topics: Personal life, Optimism, Health Pages: 3 (738 words) Published: March 26, 2012
Optimism and Health Paper
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Tiaqunia Hayes

Optimism and Health Paper

During people’s lifetime, there are many situations that may cause people to become an optimist or a pessimist. I will explain some basic ideas from two different articles that show how optimism may possible impact physical and psychological well-being of a person. One of the articles talks about children and the other talks about the effects on adults. The truth is that children and adults will live better healthier lives if they are optimistic.

The first article that I looked at compares the risks of not living a healthy life and why it is important to have good healthy well being as it matters to older adults. There is a study on a health issues effects two different people of the same age such as a hip fracture. This study also looks at the overall well being for health, emotions, and life satisfactions as it pertains to ones perceive control of their own lives (Ruthig, Chipperfield, Perry, Newall and Swift, 2007.) these studies suggested that older adults with a more optimistic outlook on life actually would live healthier lifestyle, physically mentally. The authors of this study concluded that if people worry too much about their possible negative health that it will indeed cause their health to suffer mentally and physically.

I think that I agree with the authors of the article in the aspect that a positive optimistic outlook on life does positively affect adult’s lives. We all have stresses that we experienced every day in our lives from careers, relationships, and everyday activities. Our world that we live in is very fast paced and we may consume ourselves to a point where we can’t regain positive control and then our health start to suffer. This happens in our personal lives as well. People tend worry very much about their personal lives and to see if their relationships are working or not. I also believe that if you constantly showing your positive...
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