Optimism and Health

Topics: Human, Mind, Optimism Pages: 2 (733 words) Published: August 19, 2010
Optimism and Health
By: Sheri Dos Santos
August 8, 2010

The power of positive thinking not only is effective in creating a sense of mental well being, there are now studies being conducted in using optimistic thinking in assisting people in keeping themselves physically well also. The power of the mind is a never-ending wonder; this author does not doubt that science will be tapping into the human mind longer than a lifetime. Using positive thinking to keep the mind in a state of well-being gives a person a sense of control of their own destiny and the trials and tribulations that are dealt to the human race at any given time or day. When someone is challenged with a traumatizing event that may put him or her in a life-threatening situation, drawing on optimistic thinking will allow the person to handle the situation more efficiently and calmly (Taylor, et al, 2000). A study was conducted on women with breast cancer, the researchers were out to prove that distinguishing certain characteristics in optimistic thinking can lead to these women returning to their former active lives before being diagnosed with cancer. The results of this study and the women interviewed were surprising, many of the women stated that they not only returned back to their former activity levels, but also were actually stronger. It was reported that many women felt a more sense of “self”, re-prioritizing the importance of people and events in their lives. It was also reported that relationships with the people in their lives became their highest priority and their appreciation of the presence of family and friends in their lives (Taylor, et al, 2000). Patients who use positive thinking are far more likely to live longer productive lives than those who do not. Another study was conducted on HIV positive men that had experienced the loss of a loved one or friend to HIV. These men were asked to reflect on their grieving process and the impact this death...
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