Optimal Knowledge Sharing in Multinational Corporations and Their Subsidiaries

Topics: Multinational corporation, Corporation, Knowledge management Pages: 2 (564 words) Published: April 7, 2011
Key Problems4
Björkman & Barner-Rasmussen, 2004: Managing knowledge transfer in MNCs: the impact of headquarters control mechanisms (article 1)4 Minbaeva et. al. (2003): MNC knowledge transfer, subsidiary absorptive capacity, and HRM (article 2)5 Mudambi (2002): Knowledge management in multinational firms (article 3)6 Foss & Pedersen (2002): Transferring knowledge in MNC’s: The role of sources of subsidiary knowledge and organizational context (article 4)7 Gupta & Govindarajan (2000): Knowledge flows within multinational corporations (article 5)7 Knowledge sharing within MNCs’8

Articles 2 & 3 – analysis and comparison8
Article 5 – analysis & comparison9
Articles 1 & 4 – analysis and comparison10
Articles 1 & 4 – Synthesis11
Articles 2 & 3 – Synthesis12
Article 5 – Synthesis12
Articles in journals13
Contributions of the students14

Optimal knowledge sharing in multinational corporations and their subsidiaries Abstract
In this scientific paper we present five theoretical perspectives that each contribute to the theory of optimal knowledge sharing between multinationals and their subsidiaries. Specifically, we identify a number of factors that positively contribute to knowledge sharing. Further, these factors such as absorptive capacity, communication channels, autonomy, interdependence and external environments are compared and discussed. We identify a divergence in the five theoretical perspectives because the factors they put forward represent different angles on the topic: Decentralised or centralized organizational structure, external or internal environments and principal/agent-theory. In our conclusion we choose to synthesise our findings, indicating that there seems to be a number of determinants for effective knowledge transfer. Introduction

According to various theoretical contributions, the global MNCs’ main advantage is the ability to develop...
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