Optical Distortion, Inc - Harvard Business Case

Topics: Egg, Bird, Term Pages: 3 (621 words) Published: January 30, 2012
1) - What characteristics of the ODI contacts are likely to make it appealing/unappealing to chicken farmers

Characteristics of the product : new contact lenses for nonhuman application •depth perception reduced to about 12"
visual acuity greatly reduced (astigmatism)
hydrophilic polymer : no irritation problem
slightly larger than the eye opening to keep it in place •red tint alters appetite of chickens and cannibalism tendencies •distortion built into the crown
inner eyelid (keeping the eye moist and clean) no affected (under the lens)

(+) Cannibalism reduced : Peck order removed
80% of chicken in 3% of farms with 10,000 or more chickens : chicken are confined in groups •Hierarchical type of social organization (dominant vs submissive chickens) •Pecking behavior
oCannibalism (loss to the farmer when a bird is killed)
oFewer eggs produced : Submissive birds devote less time at the feeding through oPecking increases for the most productive chicken and when they are confined •Main visual cues for the peck order removed : cannibalism reduced

(+) A better process than debeaking : Less trauma, more eggs •Debeaking process
oDoes not interfere with the peck order but reduces cannibalism (25% to 9%) oTrauma resulting in a temporary weight loss and retardation of egg production o7.50$/hour for 220 birds
Lenses process
oFlock mortality reduced to 4.5% when contact lenses used instead of debeaking oNo trauma, no weight losses, no reduction in egg production o225 chickens per hour
(+) Possibility to reduce the farmer's feed cost, greater feeding efficiency •Debeaked chicken could eat only if feed > 3/8" deep
Significant savings in feed if the depth of feed is reduced •Contact lenses enable a farmer to reduce the depth of the feed (+/-) The price : 20$ per box of 250 pairs : 0.08$ per pair
(-) No possibility to reuse contact lenses
difficult to take out
melting point very close to the sterilization temperature

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