Optical Distortion

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Case Analysis
Optical distortion, Inc.
Presented by
Donnette Russell

Marketing Plan Table of Contents

Executive Summary3
The Challenge3
Situation Analysis4
Market Segment4
Alternative Marketing Strategies4
Selected Marketing Strategy4
Short and Long Term Projections4

Executive Summary
Optical Distortion, Inc. was incorporated in 1966, after an innovator by the name of Daniel Garrison stumbled upon an opportunity to enhance the output of common chicken egg production by inserting a form of contact lens that would blur, or distort the vision of the producing bird just enough to maintain optimal production while making the handling of these creatures easier. Based upon observations of a flock of chickens in Arizona which were afflicted with cataracts and separated from the remaining flock, it was noted that not only did these birds consume less food while retaining the same level of production as the remaining flock, but the ease to which handling the birds increased to the point that instead of curing the afflicted birds, the farmer requested to have his remaining flock “infected” with the same visual distortion. Through trial and error, ODI was ready for implementation of the lenses by 1973 with high hoped and great expectations.

The Challenge
As with any new product, multiple challenges arise throughout the creation and development process, which include, but are not limited to the product itself - insuring quality and satisfaction on the part of the customer; pricing structure – deciding the proper price to charge based upon cost and expected profit; place or distribution of the product – where and how this product will be made available to the end user; and the promotion of the product – how will the desired market be made aware of this product with the available resources while remaining within set parameters of budget constraints. Situation Analysis

The goal of Optical Distortion, Inc. is...
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