Opt in and Opt Out Approaches to Organ Donation

Topics: Bioethics, Writing, United Kingdom Pages: 4 (960 words) Published: September 2, 2011

The purposes of this assignment are
To develop an understanding and appreciation of your own attitudes, values and beliefs and the way these might change •To develop an understanding of the link between your professional judgement and the concepts that it is built upon •To help develop your academic judgement and show the extent to which it is linked to professional judgement Assessment activityLength requiredWeighting within unit

The assignment requires the student to identify their personal views, and in exploring the relative merits of ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ approaches to organ donation, demonstrate their personal and academic learning2500 words50%

Practice Outcomes (ESC’S and NMC)50%
CRITERIA FOR SUCCESS1.Compare and contrast ‘opt-in’ and ‘opt-out’ approaches to organ donation, giving examples from current practice in the UK and other European countries 2.Using Blackboard exercise 1, describe and explain your personal views in relation to organ donation at the start of this exercise 3.Using Blackboard exercise 2, provide as strong a critique as possible of your previously held views 4.Using Blackboard exercise 3, offer a structured reflection, indicating how and why any change in your view has taken place 5.Plan your essay to demonstrate an understanding of the following key attributes of academic writing oAn appropriate title

oclear structure, making good use of paragraphs
oevidence of appropriate reading using a range of authoritative sources oaccurate Harvard referencing
ogood sentence construction, language and punctuation
oawareness of and avoidance of plagiarism

Suggested structure for your assignment
Markers will use this suggested structure as a guide in addition to the criteria for level 1 that appear on the feedback sheets. It is suggested that you think of a paragraph as a passage of text dealing with a single point or idea. For planning purposes, it is helpful to think of a paragraph as being...
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