Ops/571 Week 5 Paper

Topics: Standard deviation, Arithmetic mean, Normal distribution Pages: 3 (1090 words) Published: September 25, 2010
Statistical Process Control


Over the past five weeks, data has been collected from the process of getting my daughter, Sophie, ready for daycare in the morning. I have tracked six key areas, or steps, in the process: The time it takes to wake her up, The time it takes to get her to go to the bathroom, The time it takes to get her stuff ready, The time it takes to get her dressed, The time it takes to brush her teeth and hair, and The time it takes to get her into the car. In this paper, I will discuss what I have discovered based on this data, I will identify roadblocks to the process and recommend strategies to overcome them, and I will discuss the variables which affect the steps in the process. Finally I will discuss the confidence interval of each step as well as the total processing time. I have based my understanding of process control, confidence intervals, and control limits on Chase, Jacobs & Aquilano (2006)

Over the five weeks, the mean total time it takes to get Sophie ready for daycare is 38.92 minutes, with a standard deviation of 9.96. The shortest amount of time was twenty minutes and the longest was fifty-eight minutes. The most time consuming individual step is getting her dressed, the reasons for which will be discussed shortly.

Waking her up takes an average of 2.79 minutes, with her generally waking up before me, and a standard deviation of 4.29. This deviation is due to the fact that about once a week, she does not want to wake up and so it can take up to ten minutes to get her out of bed.

After she wakes up, I immediately take her to the bathroom. At three she is potty trained but still needs an occasional reminder. This step in the process has a mean time of 3.29 minutes and a standard deviation of 1.60. This step is very consistent.

The next step in the process involves getting her stuff ready. This includes making sure her bag is packed with a clean change of clothes and any other materials she may need...

References: Chase, R. B., Jacobs, F. R., & Aquilano, N. J. (2006) Operations management for competitive advantage (11th ed). New York: McGraw Hill/Irwin.
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