Oppression Of Women

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Throughout history, women have long endured centuries and centuries of discrimination and oppression. Male superiority and male dominance have long been in the roots of societies. Even as of today, in many countries, women still struggle with gender inequality. Women, especially in developing countries where democracy has yet to be put into action, are often victims of oppression and discrimination. Violence used against women are often overlooked and women are not legally represented as equals. To take a step even further, many of their civil rights and liberties, such as freedom of expression, freedom of marriage, property rights, etc., are violated. Women inequality and oppression remains problematic in developing countries due to traditional …show more content…
In both Iran and Nigeria, unequal laws and rights are created to discriminate against women. In many cases, these laws and rights are the reasons why women are struggling so much to fight inequality. In Iran, there are certain rights that women have that are under the control of men. Rights such as divorce, work, transportation, custody, …show more content…
He is allowed to file a divorce with or without his wife’s consent. Although it was modified where both the husband and wife can file a divorce. These modifications seem to do no help in a woman’s case. In the modifications, it states that both spouses can file divorce if, “ mistreatment by either parties; a husband’s failure to provide “maintenance” to the wife or his failure to satisfy other needs of the wife; the wife’s refusal to provide tamkin (sexual submission) to her husband, etc.” These modifications seem to apply to men, since men have the economic advantage to work, it is not likely that they will fail to provide for the wife. However, women are at a disadvantage because they need to provide sexual submission to their husband or he could file a divorce. Adding on in the legal system of Iran, if a woman want to work, she has to gain approval from her husband. This law is stated in Article 1117 of Civil Codes in Iran. Although it does not restrict the right for women to work, it does however give men the power over the women. Whereas a husband can stop his wife from working, a woman can not stop her husband from working. Under Iranian Law, a husband can restrict his wife from leaving the country, and it is under the husband’s consent for a woman to get a passport. In Article 19 of the Passport Law of 1973, it states, husbands even have the ability to notify the government and

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