Opposite Sex

Topics: Gender, Female, Male Pages: 3 (1063 words) Published: October 1, 2011
Naidalys Saez
Professor Fernandez
Enc 1102
13 September 2011
“The opposite sex”
In this story, it is about “a professor who assigned an in class essay on how each would spend a day as a member of his/her respective opposite sex” (Steven 742). When he assigned this essay to the students the females took it immediately, while the male students were dazing around and procrastinating on the subject (Steven 742). Throughout the whole story, as the reader you see it falls down to the category of stereotyping and sexism. It is to fathom the incomprehensible analytical judgment of the opposite sex. It is merely society’s conceptions of the opposite gender, but should people comply with the regulations of society? Honestly, society is filled with ignorance, lack of morality, and lack of maturity. To adhere to the expectations of society is beyond my comprehension. More so, The majority of the male students did not take it seriously, however, the ones that accepted the assignment would talk about how they either stayed home doing chores around the house or cook, clean, and sleep(Steven 742). Others had dinner in the most expensive restaurants and interacted with males and in the end they would escort them to their house and they would slam the door in front of the escorts face (Steven 742). Also, a small percentage of the males decided to pursue the feminine side like, makeup, dressing up, and agreed that looking good is important (Steven 742). This is just an opinion to what men think women do most of the time, but to say all women do the same is to calculate the women population to see if it is fact, which is not. Though, to my bafflement, the male perception of females is stereotypical and arrogant. Most males see females merely as a housewife, when still to this day, females fight for equality. It is to show that females are independent intellectuals and that females do not need a male to support them, however, some argue that females do not...
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