Opposable Thumbs and Lack of Sight

Topics: Thumb, Finger, Primate Pages: 2 (375 words) Published: November 5, 2012
Arguementive Essay

War is an unfortunate aspect of human life. Nearly every century a war has broken out between two or more sides. Armies defend their land with their lives to protect what their leaders are after. Wars have been brought about for numerous reasons, including power, greed, world domination and the want of additional land. However, never has there been a war between an army lacking thumbs and an army missing depth perception. Both sides would be at a great disadvantage. Despite their disabilities, the army with depth perception deficiency would conquer the army without opposable thumbs.

The army lacking opposable thumbs is at a much higher disadvantage than the army with distorted depth perception. No soldier hailing from a land without a vital digit would be able to pick an object up. The thumb is needed as a support for the weight of any object to be held for any length of time. The absent ability to hold anything is much more of a lethal disability than simply not being able to tell if an object is near or far.

The disadvantage concerning the army lacking depth perception is only a slight hindrance in their standing in the war. Not being able to decipher if an object is near or far is an easily accommodatable problem. There are war machinery that auto target, in which the army could indulge in. Simply having a large supply of these machines with mere buttons to operate would declare in automatic win against an army without thumbs.

As much as I find the army with distorted depth perception a much more accommodating handicap than lacking thumbs, others may disagree. The army without thumbs may also rely on machines. They would be able to successfully infiltrate the depth perception solders’ quarters and win hand-to-hand combat against them.

Both sides would have great disadvantages and advantages. The opposable thumbs having great sight but not being able to sustain holding items for long periods. The lack of depth perception having...
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