Opm530 Format (Uitm)

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TEST 1 & 2

The first test will be given after we have covered 5 topics of the syllabus. The second test will be given following the next 5 topics covered by lecturer.

Students are required to answer all these questions in 1 1/2 HOURS period. The dates for these tests will be set according to condition.


Submission date of report: During the presentation.

Presentation date: SECOND WEEK OF JUNE, 2013 (10th – 14th - during class hour)

Students will be divided into groups of 3-5 people. One (1) group assignment will be given to during the semester. The group members are required to work in group.


Students are required to do simple research on a multinational company of their choice (The chosen company must be approved by the lecturer). The main area to be investigated is the company’s global operations strategy. Their findings will be presented in class. The date & place for the presentation will be decided by the students & lecturer will be informed of their decision by the class representative.

Presentation materials must include:

a. Slide transparencies/power point slides, covering every important aspect of the topic.

b. Hard copies (Print copies) of slides/power point to be handed over to the lecturer before presentation begin.

c. Presentation period is between 20 to 30 minutes.

d. Every group member must contribute to the presentation.

e. Grades given include individual performance during the presentation and group work.

The report should consist of the following format:

a. Acknowledgement
b. Introduction- Company’s information
c. Background of company
d. Type of business & products produced
e. Operation/ Production department- mission and strategies f. The corporate strategy adopted by the company (differentiation/cost leadership/response) g. The global...
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