Topics: New product development, Exponential smoothing, Moving average, Product life cycle management, Productivity, Service / Pages: 4 (1010 words) / Published: Apr 17th, 2015
Which of the following would not be an operations function in a fast-food restaurant?
A) advertising and promotion
The Dulac Box plant produces 500 cypress packing boxes in two 8-hour shifts. The use of new technology has enabled them to increase productivity by 30%. Productivity is now approximately
D) 40.6 boxes/hr.
3.One reason for global operations is to gain improvements in the supply chain.
A) True
4.Productivity is the total value of all inputs to the transformation process divided by the total value of the outputs produced.
B) False
5.Which of the following has been the main driver to the globalization of business? D) technology
6.Productivity is more difficult to improve in the service sector.
A) True
7.The new standards for global competitiveness result in companies seeking exceptional partners, wherever they may be, for their enterprise.
A) True
8.The World Trade Organization has helped reduce tariffs.
A) True
9.In global operations, cost cutting can take place because of less stringent regulations in foreign countries.
A) True
10.One reason to globalize is to learn to improve operations.
A) True
Fredrick W. Taylor is credited for the early popularization of interchangeable parts.
B) False
A product will always be in the same stage of its product life cycle regardless of the country.
B) False

13.Gibson Valves produces cast bronze valves on an assembly line, currently producing 1600 valves each 8-hour shift. If the production is increased to 2400 valves each 8-hour shift, the productivity will increase by
C) 50%.
All organizations, including service organizations such as banks and educational institutions, have a production function.
) True
Measuring the impact of a capital acquisition on productivity is an example of multi-factor productivity. B) False
16.Which of the following is an example of competing on quick response?
A firm's products are introduced into the market faster than its competitors.
17.Opportunities to cut the

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