OPM 300

Topics: Globalization, Franchising, Culture Pages: 3 (767 words) Published: January 2, 2014

TUI University

Michael Gordon

OPM 300

Module 5 SLP

Instructor: Dr. Nicholas Bowersox

November 2, 2013

The purpose of this paper is to discuss E-commerce and globalization of McDonald’s and its pursuit in being an international corporation. I will discuss the major factors that this company has to consider as well as any variances of these factors in regards to different countries. To date McDonald’s has enjoyed success in every geographical location that it has entered. With doing franchising ownership has allowed McDonald’s a tremendous global network reaching out across the world. McDonald’s mission and strategy have ensured that maintaining success in any market is the standard, which is a great base line for success. McDonald’s global strategy the international strategy all along has been the international approach allowing for a paramount of success. Franchising has enabled McDonald’s to expand to one hundred and nineteen countries worldwide enabling the company to grow to over thirty-three thousand restaurants worldwide. McDonald’s trains all owner/operators before even allowing them to own a McDonald’s franchise, which is very important to the company because they all need to be alike. McDonald’s also helps all owner/operators with marketing and advertising along with maintaining standards in all restaurants not just anyone can franchise a McDonald’s. In order to get one of these franchises you will have to pass a strict application process. Local partners have been vital to helping fast-food McDonald’s adapt its winning formula to different cultures. The mission to feed people what they want to eat works well. In different geographical locations the menu is tailored to fit local customs along with traditional Big Mac’s and standard McDonald’s favorites. In Norway, for example, McDonald’s capitalizes on local cuisine taste by offering “McLaks” a salmon burger...
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