Topics: Carbon dioxide, Sustainable urban drainage systems, Green wall Pages: 3 (849 words) Published: April 15, 2013
Cheshire Oaks
BiggestgreenestM&S,builtusinginnovationstoreducetheimpactonourplanet Marks & Spencer Cheshire Oaks, Ellesmere Port:
LaunchdateAugust2012 • remierstorecarryingthe P fullproductcatalogue,M&S’ssecond largeststoreintheworld • itearea525,192sqft,209,068sqft S GrossInternalArea,148,865sqftnet salesarea • ustainablelearningstore,BREEAM S ExcellentratedandM&S’most carbonefficient • esignedtobemoreresilientto D climatechangethroughitsmaterials, landscapingandwaterstrategy • irstretailertouseHemclad®panels F intheexternalwallsandtouse100% FSCglulamtimberinitsroofstructure

Waste Travel & access Water Carbon Biodiversity Materials Supporting communities 4 5 Electric car charging points Cycle lane and 100 covered cycle stands 1 2 3 Hemclad® wall panels Glulam timber roof & timber 1st floor structure 100% recycled reflective roof 6 7 8 9 Biomass boiler Displacement ventilation HFC free air handling units Natural insulation – earth mound 14 Green walls 15 Swift boxes 16 228 new trees Location: M&SCheshireOaks,LongloomsRoad, CheshireOaks,EllesmerePort,The Wirral,CH659JN.

10 Brise Soleil 11 Hydrocarbon refrigeration system 12 North lights & energy efficient lighting to retail floor 13 LED lighting to car park and external areas 17 80,000 ltr rainwater harvesting tank 18 Permeable paving 19 Re-landscaped swale

Cheshire Oaks
BiggestgreenestM&S,builtusinginnovationstoreducetheimpactonourplanet Carbon Water Biodiversity Materials

Operational energy is predicted to be 30% lower and carbon 35% lower than a peer store • Maximised natural light via North lights and clerestory glazing with fully dimmable lighting to salesfloor and with integrated daylight control • Improved insulation and thermal mass by partially sinking the building in the ground with earth mounding around the perimeter • Free cool air handling via earth...
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