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Topics: IPhone, IPod Touch, IPhone OS Pages: 1 (269 words) Published: October 17, 2012
Objective opinion text: Why choose Iphone?
A lot of People argue that they own the best smartphone, whether it’s a BlackBerry, HTC, or the latest from Anroid. But, the Iphone has always been at the top so far. It’s been about four years that AppleInc has revealed the original Iphone and ever since they have sold over 108 million devices. But, why is the Iphone so popular? First of all, this SmartPhone has a large market, a huge fan following and it’s own store called the «AppStore», that has over 5500 application, which makes it easier to search and find interesting and helpful applications, like Angry Birds, Facebook, Skype, etc… Secondly, the Iphone uses an advanced technology that is easy to use by all ages and is suitable for all types of consumers, whether business professionals, students, etc… The smartphone`s touch screen allows for easy, touch-gesture, scrolling, zooming and allows you to multi-task and gives access to not only a phone, but to an Ipod, the number one digital media player in the world, as well as the Safari Web browser, a GPS and many more. Nokia VP & General Manager of MultiMedia said that « If there is something good in the world, then we copy with pride ». A lot of companies tried to copy the Iphone but has never had as much success. Apple is always upgrading their system and on the search for the newest technology, like their latest Iphone 4S that features a new processor, 8 mega-pixel resolution camera, 1080p HD video recorder, and Siri, the intelligent assistant that does what you ask.
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