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opinion essay on uniforms

By kristenbatten Oct 14, 2014 413 Words
Persuasive essay- School Uniforms

Schools are debating to begin making school uniforms in high school mandatory. If this exceeds to happen, you will notice the behaviour in the school slowly change. The school uniforms would enforce lack of individuality shown by just the way the variety of students dress and uniforms don’t ensure equality towards the students. Lastly, uniforms can be expensive.

For beginners, uniforms discourage self-expression throughout outfits they choose to wear on a daily basis. Students wear clothing that helps them find a way of finding themselves and who they want to be. One person could wear bright colours to express they are perky and lovable. Students still find a way of picking certain people to hang out with and be in their “cliques”. Uniforms also do not make life free from fashion, which many people, particularly girls, are into. Clearly, school uniforms would destroy the opportunity to expressing yourself through a fashion sense.

Secondly, uniforms don’t ensure equality. Having uniforms which are different from every other school creates the students to act like a team against the other schools. For example, if one uniform is more “posh” could make students appear to be “stuck up”. If schools didn’t want students to be so competitive towards the other schools or act against them they would not make the students wear such different uniforms or any uniform in general.

Thirdly, uniforms can be on the more expensive side. If a student were to transfer schools, from one school having a uniforms to the next school having a different outfit, the last schools uniform would end up to be useless and never worn again by that student, and they would need to buy a new one basically doubling the amount a regular student would need to pay due to the school transfer. Also, the school can decide to change the uniform at any time they desire meaning everyone has to go out and buy a new one or get in trouble. Clearly, school uniform can be a pain in the butt and make many people miserable.

In conclusion, school uniforms make the right of expressing yourself very difficult, they take away equality, and can be a burden to eat up all your money. If schools add uniforms the behaviour of students in the school will change. Everyone always explains how school uniforms are a good idea but never ask the students how it feels in comparison to other schools and other students.

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