Operations Strategy

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Greg Fleming
Assignment #2 Operations Strategy

BMW of Minnetonka
BMW of Minnetonka is a well renowned automotive dealership that I have selected to write about. The company is owned by (TCA) Twin Cities Automotive group. The value discipline that we operate under is customer intimacy. I have been working here under management as an assistant for over three years now. BMW of Minnetonka has maintained its customer intimacy through the four C’s, target marketing, and ultimately the customer experience. These three key points have been the centralized focus for the company’s ongoing success with its customers.

The four C’s include customer solution, customer cost, convenience, and communication. Customer solution is vital within the company because we strive hard to find out the wants and needs are of our customers. Once we find out the needs of our customers, we work hard towards fulfilling them in order to keep them happy and well satisfied. Convenience is key when selling high- end vehicles to customers. One of our goals is to adhere to our customer’s busy schedules. We do this by allowing customers to set up scheduled appointments with our client advisors at their convenience. We have set up this system for both the sales and service. By doing so, this has allowed us to gain incredible customer satisfaction. Our communication between our customers and staff is something that we have taken a lot of pride in. It is through communication where our staff develops relationships with our customers. We do this by taking time with each customer that walks in the door, whether they are there to make a purchase or to ask a simple question. This includes being available to solve issues with angry customers or simply educating them on our product. Our staff is well advised that proper communication with our customers is the key component to a great customer experience. Customer cost is also another important component we value. Having a...
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