Operations of the Dong Chang

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Dong Chang, a secret police and service sets up by eunuchs during the Ming Dynasty in 1420 and direct under the leadership of the Ming Dynasty. Dong Chang is founded by Zhu Di (the King, Emperor). Although there was a current organization “Jin Yi Wei” over that period of time, Zhu Di did not trust that organization. Therefore, Zhu Di revolted a number of eunuchs and turned into a very strong organization. Zhu Di believes eunuchs are more reliable. Analyze the Organization (Strategy, size, management, environment, external relationship):

The leader of Dong Chang is eunuch called “Chang Gong”. The punishment and spy departments are the major departments for Dong Chang. Dong Chang has a strict hierarchy of authority. The position is named by the number of staffs. For example, “Hundred” means that the officer can manage one hundred staffs.

Dong Chang is a large organization which covered over Ming Dynasty which is larger than current China and small counties nearby Ming Dynasty. Each type of work have special name. For example, there are officials of various ministries to monitor North Korea, and secretary to watch/to hear the prison criminals in the entire local government.

Dong Chang is not only in institutions, but with reasonable staffing in the investigation developed action system. The management is quiet simple. First day of every month their investigation would focus on the work arrangement.

Dong Chang’s function is to investigate the plotters and heresies as great wickedness. Dong Chang is powerful as Jin Yi Wei, one person in charge and gives the right to do to follow it. At the beginning, Dong Chang is only responsible to the investigation, arrests, and the rights to without trial the prisoners. But at late of the Ming Dynasty, Dong Chang has its own prison. Dong Chang has the right to monitor government officials, scholars, and other political forces because Dong Chang only needs to report to the emperor. Therefore, because Dong...
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