Operations of Congress

Topics: Politics, Federal government of the United States, United States Congress Pages: 2 (584 words) Published: December 12, 2001
The operations of congress have been influenced by a number of factors. These including a committee system, political parties, public opinion and the media, and interest groups and lobbying. Each section takes a part in congress. By getting them in involved with each part or even running them. A committee is one or more people appointed or elected to consider or, report on, or take action on a particular matter. Because of the advantages of a division of labor, legislative committees of various kinds have assumed much of the work of legislatures in many nations. Standing committees are appointed in both houses of the U.S. Congress at the beginning of every session to deal with bills in the different specific classes. Important congressional committees include those on ways and means; appropriations; interstate commerce; and military, naval, and foreign affairs. As in the U.S. government, these committees are quite powerful because of their ability to delay legislation.

A party political is an organization which aim is to gain control of the government usually through the election of its candidates to public office. Political parties take many forms, but their main functions are similar: to supply personnel for government positions; to organize these personnel around the formation; and to serve in a mediating role between individuals and their government. Political parties are as old as organized political systems. Political parties have been organized for various reasons: to support a particular political figure, to advance a particular policy or a general ideological stand, to aid politically certain groups or sections of society, or merely to combine for short-term political advantage. The public opinion and the media have activities and policies used to create public interest in a person, idea, product, institution, or business establishment. By its nature, public relations, is devoted to serving particular interests by presenting them to the public in...
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