Operations Manager Job Description

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Operations Manager Job Description

Job Title : Operations Manager.
Department : Operations Division . Aleppo – Syria .
Job Objectives:
At FedEx, the environment is fast moving, hectic, demanding, dynamic and pressurized. When things go wrong, you put them right. Thinking on your feet, making the right on-the-spot decisions and being committed to achieving results. It’s what we call MANAGING. It’s also highly rewarding, very satisfying, terrific fun and offers a real buzz.  Tasks, Duties and Responsibilities:

* Managing day-to-day operations at our site.
* Handling all kinds of problems and claims, from all kinds of people. * Delivering an outstanding customer experience.
* Able to lead to an Operational team.
* Be able to full-fill the position as an Operations Manager and as an employee for FedEx. * Able to deal & work effectively under pressure.
* Perfect team player as we believe that Team 1st, Individual 2nd. * Observe and report all kinds of Operations activities. * Familiarity with various local cultures and customs.
* Ability to lift 35 kg.
* Controls and utilizes manpower through planning, organizing and scheduling to minimize loss of time. * Monitors daily station performance reports.
* Ensures proper security for FedEx and customer properties. * Supports corporate image program through proper use of signage, uniforms, etc. * Lends personal support to the sales effort within the area served by the station. * Able to develop a climate for offering information and opinions. * Ability to travel .

* Monitor the performance of the dock employees in the Operations Manager's designated area. * Plan and organize to ensure that the work required to meet customer support needs are identified and covered in a timely and effective manner. Education and Experience:

* Business degree or relevant degree.
* 4-5 years experience in the same field.
* Experience in a...
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