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Topics: Fossil fuel, Natural gas, Energy development Pages: 6 (1231 words) Published: October 15, 2014

SC250: Science for Everyday Life
Prof:  Michael Atkins
Unit 6 Assignment
Magida Taracena Andonie

Energy is very important because without energy things wouldn’t be able to function. Life simply can’t exist without energy. Energy it’s just a huge part of Earth. Now a day’s modern civilization depends on the use of energy when it comes to transportation because energy requires movement. Three energy sources that are currently being used in my regular routine would the air conditioner at home, my car that I use during travel and the computer for work.

“In the U.S. homes, natural gas the most widely used energy source (49%), followed by the secondary energy source, electricity at 39%. That’s reversed in commercial buildings, where electricity (55%) is depended on more than natural gas (32%)”(2014). I also used other source of energy at home like the dryer or washer, and the refrigerator, but the one I use the most is the air conditioner. It is on practically 24 hours a day, where I live it is super hot: therefore air conditioner it’s a must.

When to utilizing energy to travel, the ones I use the most is my personal car. It is also important to know that using energy during travel doesn’t always include only personal cars, it also includes light trucks, public trains or buses, airplanes, shipment train, and pipelines. In my office or at work, the energy which I use the most in my in your regular routine would be the computer. There is also an air conditioner, and things in the dinner like, stove, or fridge.

There are many long term and short aspects that been observed on both humans and the environment as a result of increasing energy needs and use. When it comes to the environment, one of the short impacts there has been is since burning fossil fuels like coal, oil, and natural gas makes electricity. All of this produces carbon dioxide and other releases that contribute to the greenhouse gas already in the atmosphere, which later on ends up causing global warming.

A long-term impact is that is that sometimes coal mining may be underground, but what isn’t noticed is that with the outside effects limited to destroy loads of unwanted material, which might occasionally involves a very big environmental impact. Another impact n the environment is that Oxides of nitrogen that comes from the fossil fuel power stations that are operating at very high temperatures also cause environmental problem, in spite of the fuel supply.  “Moreover, oxides of nitrogen have an adverse effect on the Earth's ozone layer, increasing the amount of ultra-violet light reaching the Earth's surface”(World Nuclear Association, 2013)Humans have also been influence by many aspects as a result also of increasing energy needs and use. On the short term, energy has become an essential need for humans been which extends their life expectation. We are also impacted in the way that all human beings have “ progressed over many thousands of years from a primitive life, which depended for energy on the food that could be gathered, to the hunters who had more food and used fire for heating and cooking, to the early farmers who used domesticated animals as a source of energy to do work” (World Nuclear Association, 2013).

In the short impact everybody around the world use energy sources to generate electricity for residences, corporations, libraries or even schools. It is amazing how energy is used in the daily life such as using a bulb, a computer, a freezer, or even the air conditioner. In the long run human being have been able to get steam water, diesel for transportation and the most important electricity. Along the way, our primary energy consumption has increased more than a hundredfold. Today in the industrial countries of the world, we use between 150 and 350 gigajoules* per person each year, an increasing proportion of it in the form of...
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