Operations Management of Nokia

Topics: Nokia, Management, Mobile phone Pages: 7 (1593 words) Published: April 15, 2013
‡ Pijush Kumer Ghosh (EX020016)

Operations Management Decisions
‡ Ashfaq ²Us Saleheen (EX020012)

Quality Management & Supply Chain Management
‡ Md. Mofizul Islam (Ex020015)

Location Design, Layout Design, Scheduling &Inventory Management ‡ Md. Firoz Uddin (EX020016)

Term used to describe all the activities managers do to help their firms create goods and service € Converting resources into goods and services € Product creation, development, production, distribution, managing purchases, inventory control, quality control, storage, logistics and evaluations €

€ €

A great deal of focus is on effectiveness & efficiency of processes Substantial measurement and analysis of internal processes in order to become more effective and efficient

Head office in Finland; R&D, production, sales, marketing activities around the world

3 553 emplo ees

Strong R&D presence in 6 countries,37 0 0 emplo ees in R&D (approximatel 30% of workforce, including Nokia Siemens Networks)

Sales in over 60 countries

Mobile Solutions ‡ Responsible for developing and managing our portfolio of smart phones and mobile computers. The team is also busy developing a world-class suite of internet services under the Ovi brand, with a strong focus on maps and navigation, music, messaging and media

Mobile Phones ‡ Responsible for developing and managing our portfolio of affordable mobile phones, as well as a range of services that people can access with them.

Markets ‡Manages our supply chains, sales channels, brand and marketing activities, and is responsible for delivering our mobile solutions and mobile phones to the market

Nokia Siemens Networks ‡Jointly owned by Nokia and Siemens, provides wireless and fixed network infrastructure, communications and networks service platforms, as well as professional services to operators and service providers.

NAVTEQ ‡A leading provider of comprehensive digital map data and related location-based content and services for ‡automotive navigation systems, mobile navigation devices, Internetbased mapping applications, and government and ‡business solutions.

² Market dynamics ² market trends ² consumer taste ² personalized depending countries ² Fragmenting market segments ² more models ² Personalized experience ² not just technology ² shorter product life cycles ² varying tastes ² Usability ² more technological power but easier to use ² Multimedia portable player, Navigation systems ² Listening to customers demands

² Nokia Code of conduct: Commitment to equal opportunity & openness. ² promote teamwork & individual responsibility ‡ Rotating team leaders ² Entrepreneurial spirit ² Cross-functional Team: ‡ Employees from different functional areas ‡ Ensure that all viewpoints are heard and given proper weight

² Quick response logistics ² Suppliers included in teamwork's ² Decentralized production

Quality ² ´the heart of Nokia·s brand promiseµ
‡ In Nokia quality is the highest objective, not only being the characteristic of their products and services, but one of their most important essences.

Nokia wants to achieve excellence in the following fields: ‡ customer service and gaining customers loyalty (by taking care of the quality and reliability or their products and services) ‡ product leadership (improvement, innovation) ‡ operational modes - effective, efficient and ethical management

Management- ´Self-Regulating Management
‡ As all operations influence the final quality of their performance ( products, services etc), quality is managed from the top - starting with the quality of management, through processes to the final product. As the consistency of all actions is crucial in managing the quality, special framework for management practices (ÅSelfRegulating Management Systemµ) has been developed. In Nokia, Åeverybody in the chain has a role to play in achieving qualityµ, thus all the employee in all lines and operational units have to...
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