Operations Management for Competitive Advantage

Topics: Learning curve, Time, Pizza Pages: 2 (623 words) Published: December 7, 2009
Running Head: Operations Management for Competitive Advantage Pizza Store Layout Simulation
Laretha Taylor
University Of Phoenix
OPS/571 - Accounting
Jodi Bailey
August 17th, 2009
Maurio’s Pizzeria simulation focuses on the alternatives that can decrease the wait time for customers, but maintain quality service. Alternatives that are utilized the simulation are within a normal process but have more than one processes that has an input within the processing of the final product for the satisfaction of the consumer. A learning curve for the Pizza Store simulation would shows the relationship between completing a task and the number of pizzas produced within the specific amount of time. It will give the business an understanding of what alternative methods that could be utilize to manage waiting lines and maintain a consistent balance between consumer’s demands for efficient service and to utilize a process control that is more effective. The learning curve would for the Pizza store simulation demonstrates an average rate of service time that is demonstrated to service a specific number of customers within a time allotted. It also shows the initial period of time that consumers are waiting in line for service and the lessons that are learned from the consumer experience within itself. When an alternative process is discussed within the simulation to make an effort to acquire new methods, it is acquired over a period of time so that the business and staff are able to adapt to the change. This expertise is acquired over a period of time. The business success is up to staff to retrain their way of thinking as with the alternative process because the new process consists of being mentally prepared for change to make it efficient rather than physical. From a different perspective the learning curve depicts a process that falls within the time frame that the pizza needs to be produced and served. The learning curve presumes that...
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