Operations Management Final

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Operations Management

Final Report

Case Study
(1) Gate Turnaround at Southwest Airlines (Chapter Six)
(2) Constraint Management at Southwest Airlines (Chapter Seven) (3) Lean Systems at Autoliv (Chapter Eight)

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Chapter 6 Planning Capacity
Video Case: Gate Turnaround at Southwest Airlines
Q1. How can Capacity and utilization be measured at an airline such as SWA? Answer: Capacity is the maximum rate of output of a process or a system. And utilization is measured as the ratio of average output rate to maximum capacity. In Southwest, capacity can be measured in available seat-miles (AMS) pre month. Therefore, utilization can be measured as the ratio of average seat-mile rate to maximum seat-miles.

Q2. Which factors can adversely impact turn-around time as SWA? Answer: There many factors can adversely impact turn-around time as SWA. The aircraft has to be served by the ground operations team for its next departure. The grounds operations team consists of a baggage transfer driver who has responsibility for getting connecting flight baggage the ground operations team consists of baggage transfer driver who has responsibility for getting connecting flight bags to baggage claim for passenger pick-up, a lavatory truck driver who handles restroom receptacle drainage, a lead gate to handle baggage carts and track incoming and outgoing bag counts, and a bin agent to manage baggage and cargo inside the plane. In the same time, the provisioning truck has to restock supplies such as drinks and snacks. The fuel truck has to load fuel to the airplane. If any unexpected thing happens during the maintenance, it might slow down the flow of operations. Meanwhile, if the passengers can deplane and enplane as schedule, it is another concern. Anything from weather delays to unexpected maintenance issue at the gate can slow down the flow of operations and adversely impact turn-around time.

Q3. How does Southwest Airlines know they are achieving their goals? Answer: Company executives know when they have achieved their goals when internal and external metrics are reached. For example, the Department of Transportation (DOT) tracks on-time departures, customer complains, and mishandles baggage for all airlines. Southwest Airline can collect all the relating information and The company sets targets for achievement on these dimensions and lets employees know on a monthly basis how the company is doing against those metrics compared to the rest of the industry. Regular communication with all employees is delivered via meeting, posters, and newsletters. Rewards such as prizes and profit sharing are given for successful achievement.

Q4. What are the important long-term issues relevant for managing capacity, revenue, and customer satisfaction for SWA? Answer: Rolling King and Herb Kelleher started Southwest Airlines in 1971 with this idea: if they could take airline passengers where they want to go, on time, at the lowest possible price, and a good time while doing it, people would love to fly their airplane. These issues are still important for managing capacity, revenue, and customer satisfaction for SWA. Moreover, improving the utilization of its fleet by turning around an aircraft at the gate faster than its competitors is another major issue for SWA because even a single minute reduction in aircraft turnaround time system wide means additional seat-miles being added to the available capacity of Southwest Airlines. Chapter 7 Planning Capacity

Video Case: Constraint Management at Southwest Airlines
Q1. Analyze Southwest’s passenger boarding using the Theory of Constraints. Answer: From the lobby check-in process through to boarding at the gate and processing plane turnaround, the process of operating the airline filled with constraints that must be managed in order for them to be successful and profitable. Fight schedules are tightly orchestrated and controlled,...
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