Operations Management Case Study

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Operation management
week 3-2
1. what is the reason for formulating and implementing an operation and supply chain strategy?
The implementation of an operations and supply chain strategy is necessary for an organization in order to provide a clear vision of the value they will provide to the customer. The strategy should detail the competitive advantage the organization seeks to obtain and deliver. To develop a successful strategy, the organization must understand the values held by the customer – otherwise known at the voice of the customer.
4. define the following terms in your own words: mission of operation, order winner, order qualifier, and distinctive competence.
Mission of operations provides the objective and vision to how success...

Give examples of a global business with which you are familiar. How has the globalization of this business affected operations and its supply chain?
Apple and Dell are global businesses that I am familiar. Over the years, the demand for these products has changed the operations and its supply chain. In order to meet the customer demand, these companies have extended their supply chain to over sea factories in an effort to mass-produce and lower it’s manufacturing costs. Recently public awareness to the conditions within these factories has brought to light the human rights issues of workers. This has challenged company’s to rethink their public relations strategies.
16. What are the practical consequences of a lack of strategic linkage between the business and the operations function?
It is important to link the operation strategy between the business and the operation. A practical consequence could exist if the business places an increasing emphasis on lower pricing. If this is strategy is not shared throughout the operation as a common goal, then an unbalance will grow and cause and adverse affect to the entire operation.
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1. Why is interfunctional cooperation important for new-product design? What are the symptoms of a possible lack of interfunctional...

It is becoming an increasing pressure on companies to introduce and deliver new and diverse products in quicker turn around cycles without decreasing quality to their brand. Customers become accustom to this product cycle and the business strives to meet that demand.
5. How can modular design concept control production variety and at the same time allow product variety?
Modular designs allow companies to produce a variety of products while keeping relatively low component variety. This can be accomplished through modular design of components based upon a basic product design. This gives the appearance of greater options or choices to the customer while keeping production variation low.
6. What is the proper role of the operations function in product design?
The product design must be properly aligned with the operation functions and strategy. The design component has to consider the objectives of cost, quality, delivery, and flexibility. Once the operation has defined its target market, the product design can then align its focus to meet the goals of the...
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